Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park

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In 2016, The Homespun Players brought Shakespeare to life with Riverside’s First Annual Shakespeare in the Park Festival! With two performances, interactive booths and local vendors, we presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream and spark a love for our favorite playwright.


The cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016)


This year The Homespun Players will present Twelfth Night.

Come join us for an evening of romance, deceit, mistaken identity and mayhem in one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies Twelfth Night.

The cast of Hamlet (2017)

After a terrible storm shipwrecks and tosses our heroine Viola onto an enemy’s shore, she must act quickly and cunningly to assure her safety.  She disguises herself as a man named Ceasario and secures a position as the Duke Orsino’s steward. Her first task is to woo the Lady Olivia on Orsino’s behalf. Well, she does a little too good a job and Olivia falls desperately for Viola, whom she believes to be a man named Ceasario. To make matters even more complicated Viola has fallen madly in love with the Duke; and hilarity ensues. Sounds like the plot point to one of those old soap operas from the 80’s…… hey…..