The Skriker: Limited tickets available soon!

Two nights only: Limited tickets will be available soon!

Caryl Churchill’s play The Skriker blends English folktales with modern urban life in London into a piece that best fits into the horror and magical realism realm.

It tells the story of an ancient fairy, or what some might describe as a demon, in pursuit of two young women: Josie, who is institutionalized after what is vaguely mentioned to be for the murder of an infant; and Lily who is pregnant.

The Skriker opens up this world in her native tongue – a dizzying mixture of fragmented poetry and wordplay.

It is a shape-shifter and death portent from the underworld that haunts and hunts the girls throughout the story. 

Along with the Skriker come many figures from old Celtic lore. All are united with the Skriker in their goal for survival and revenge on the growing human population.

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