Donate to Shakespeare in the Park Festival!

The Homespun Players are bringing Shakespeare to life in Riverside’s First Annual Shakespeare in the Park Festival! With two performances, a live band, interactive booths and local vendors, we intend to demystify The Taming of the Shrew and spark a love for our favorite playwright. We’re well on our way to making our budget for the event, but we still need your help do everything we want to.

Our previous event at the Riverside Art Museum that brought Grimm’s Fairy Tales to a diverse audience was a big hit and we want to build on that experience, and bring Shakespeare to a wide audience at White Park in downtown Riverside, CA.

We can only do this with your help. Please come to one of our entertaining fund raising events (see our Calendar) or consider donating directly online!

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Why Donate to the Homespun Players?

The Homespun Players are uniquely positioned to offer a high quality performance with low overhead costs. With a dedicated group of classically trained actors and experienced production staff, we know how to deliver stellar performances. Our costs stay low because we volunteer our time and have a large industry network to enlist help from but, we need your help to cover the remaining costs we can’t avoid.

Cultural events like this benefit everyone. Our goal is to create an annual event that people get excited for and helps keep Riverside blossoming.

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