The Skriker: Limited tickets available soon!

Two nights only: Limited tickets will be available soon!

Caryl Churchill’s play The Skriker blends English folktales with modern urban life in London into a piece that best fits into the horror and magical realism realm.

It tells the story of an ancient fairy, or what some might describe as a demon, in pursuit of two young women: Josie, who is institutionalized after what is vaguely mentioned to be for the murder of an infant; and Lily who is pregnant.

The Skriker opens up this world in her native tongue – a dizzying mixture of fragmented poetry and wordplay.

It is a shape-shifter and death portent from the underworld that haunts and hunts the girls throughout the story. 

Along with the Skriker come many figures from old Celtic lore. All are united with the Skriker in their goal for survival and revenge on the growing human population.

You Can Now Get Your Tickets for Medea!

Never underestimate a woman betrayed. 

This Fall, The Homespun Players will present a chilling and passionate Greek tragedy, which was first performed in 431 BC.

Directed by Amanda Rountree, the Inland Empire will be delighted to experience this local staging of a classic theatre piece in their very own black box theater.

There will be four performances*:

Friday, October 26th @ 8:00 pm [Evening]

Saturday, October 27th @ 2:00 pm [Matinee]

Saturday October 27th @ 8:00 pm [Evening]

Sunday October 28th @ 2:00 pm [Matinee]

*Doors will open approximately 1 hour before showtime.

Tickets available on Eventbrite:

The presale price of $18 will only be available until Oct. 26th, so don’t wait! After that admission will be $22.

Twelfth Night Tickets are Live!

This year’s rendition of our annual Shakespeare production will feature Twelfth Night–or what you will–and will be playing at the Box Theater for three showings:

-Friday April 27, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

-Saturday April 28, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

-Saturday April 28, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

This classic comedic story of mistaken identity and a bizarre love triangle is set in a world of 80’s glamour and music. A feast for your eyes, ears and heart with a touch of nostalgia. Make room in your schedule for the unique brand of fun only Shakespeare and live theater can bring.

Tickets are available below:

And please RSVP on Facebook!

TBT: We did it!

Gratitude is over-flowing from us players. Last night at MTL we reached our fundraising goal and then some!

Not only did we have an amazing turn-out who was a wonderful audience, but our guest performers knocked everything right out of the park.

There are a lot of Thank you’s in order so here goes:

-MTL, for hosting us so graciously

-Rob Faust, for joining our team and elevating our art in so many ways and keeping a fun a loving energy going. Not to mention your performances were amazing.

-Erika Bellasi, for bringing the laughs, and setting the record as our best comic guest yet!

-Sonic Bath, for rocking the space with your live sounds and grooves.

-The casts of “The Hug Club” and “This is Not a Cult,” thank you for donating your rehearsal time and amazing talents to our cause!

-Riverside’s Local Business scene: You guys were so generous this year and provided us with an amazing offering of prizes to our guests. These donors can now be seen on our Sponsor page.

-Jason Luper and Rob again for donating original and hand-made art to our silent auction!

-Mission Property and Denise Tomlinson, as always, for allowing us to meet and rehearse in your business space

-And last, but absolutely not least, ALL OF OUR SUPPORTING GUESTS! You brought the love this year and we are going to produce an amazing festival because of it.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. From all of us here at the Homespun Players.